Test details

The HbA1C Test is done to measure the amount of glucose that binds with the haemoglobin. The HbA1C Test is a major diagnostic measure for Diabetes. This test helps to check the average blood glucose level by determining the amount of haemoglobin bound glucose.

Test required for

The average blood sugar levels over a span of months or weeks can be determined by measuring glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c). It is important for diabetics as high HbA1c, greater risk of developing diabetes-related complications.

Test ordered for

To check blood glucose level by measuring haemoglobin bound glucose.

Test recommended

HbA1C Test should be performed once every 3 months for all diabetic patients as per the American Diabetes Association guidelines. A high measure indicates diabetes, kidney failure and Hypertriglyceridemia. A low value indicate Haemolytic anaemia, Renal failure and Chronic blood loss.

Test Conditions & Pricing

  • Preparation No Preparation Needed
  • Online Report Delivery 1 Day
  • Sample Type Whole Blood
  • Home Collection Available