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General Health Check Up Package - Home Collection

11-Tests Included

Rs. 700
Rs. 2260   |   You save Rs. 1560
53% OFF
Basic Health Check Up Package - Home Collection

12-Tests Included

Rs. 1199
Rs. 2590   |   You save Rs. 1391
59% OFF
Executive Package - Home Collection

13-Tests Included

Rs. 2450
Rs. 6020   |   You save Rs. 3570
63% OFF
Diabetic Package - Home Collection

11-Tests Included

Rs. 1150
Rs. 3155   |   You save Rs. 2005
62% OFF
Senior Citizen Package - Home Collection

14-Tests Included

Rs. 2300
Rs. 6070   |   You save Rs. 3770
35% OFF
Cardiac Check Up Package - Center Visit

13-Tests Included

  •  CPK
Rs. 2950
Rs. 4575   |   You save Rs. 1625
40% OFF
Cardiac Check Up Package - Home Collection

10-Tests Included

  •  CPK
  •  CPKMB
Rs. 1800
Rs. 3045   |   You save Rs. 1245
38% OFF
Kidney check Up Package - Home Collection

12-Tests Included

Rs. 1799
Rs. 2920   |   You save Rs. 1121

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Accuracy Guaranteed

Modern Medical Care - disease diagnoses, determination of treatment plan, disease staging-prognosis, disease monitoring and management, screening for early disease detection, health check-ups and so forth, requires Meticulous Assay Of Quality Evidence so as to make clear right judgements.

The Judgement (Clinical Utility) is valid and useful only if two main measures of accuracy apply to tests: Analytic Validity and Clinical Validity.

At Genu Path Labs, everything revolves around Meticulous Assay of Quality Evidence. Highly experienced Clinical Team, Advanced High End Equipment, Stringent Quality Norms- EQAS, ILC, Strong Process Control QuaGenLR - all of these, we employ at Genu Path Labs to ensure Accurate Test Results.

We have set up most advanced technological lab for esoteric testing, testing of complexity and prompt reporting of general testing. The cases with abnormal reading are informed to Doctors/Patient attendant within fraction of time to ensure advanced clinical are in complicated situation.

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Advanced Automated Equipments used at Genu Path Labs

COBAS Integra 400 plus of Roche

Fully automated clinical chemistry analyser with extensive assay menu along with proven measurement technologies and sophisticated software.

COBAS e41 1 of Roche

Fully automated immunoassay analyser that uses latest technology providing the most accurate assay results.

D10 of Bio-Rad                   

Works on the principle of HPLC for highly accurate & precise measurement of HBA1C and different fractions of haemoglobin.

Easylyte Plus of Medica

Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride) can be tested in less than 60 seconds using ISE method.